S. M. Fenton

S. M. Fenton is a writer of Gothic tales, quirky mystery novels, and horror fiction. His blend of supernatural rationalism comes from his equal respect for Shelley, Le Fanu, and Lovecraft on the one side and Conan-Doyle and Christie on the other.

In a world of body-horrors, slashers, and splatter movies Fenton returns to the romance of vintage psychological horror.

His debut novel The Vanishing Room was published on 31st October 2018.

Having devoured the literary works of ghostly tales, inhaled the classic detective duos, and assaulted his eardrums with many years of doom pop and goth rock, it’s no surprise that he ended up birthing the lovechild of these influences.

Ginger Nuts of Horror – October 2020
S. M. Fenton