Signed Copies of The Vanishing Room Now Available

Signed copies of The Vanishing Room are now available for purchase in my new shop. There are twenty books available, with free postage to any UK mainland address.

The books are a special run of paperbacks with silky matte covers, which you won’t find anywhere else. This is your chance to get hold of a book that blends classic Gothic fiction with a modern setting. Here’s the synopsis:

A haunted inn. A scarecrow festival. A cursed room. When Richard Beckett quits his job to travel the world, he soon learns that he is a magnet for trouble.

His attraction to the unearthly beauty of a young married woman leads him to a strange room in a dilapidated inn.

Can the headlines about mysterious disappearances be explained rationally, or will he become the latest victim of The Vanishing Room?

To tease you a little further, here is a previously unreleased section of the book. Hopefully this gives you some of the flavour of the writing style. There are some more sections on the page about the book.

The road leading to the inn seemed even darker and more overgrown by the ancient trees than it had before, when I had been travelling in happier company. The branches had long ago reached twisted fingers across to each other from both sides, joining to form a knotted cathedral out of crooked living timber. The trees were still jealously clutching to withered orange, red, and brown leaves, which would be snatched away by the next strong wind. Although it wasn’t yet four in the afternoon, the light filtering through the canopy made it seem much later.

S. M. Fenton – The Vanishing Room.